Cloud services to battle… rogue cloud services

Everyone has seen the problem of rogue services introduced without prior vision and proper management. Where do they come from and what are the pitfalls?



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The need to innovate

Organizations need to evolve their product portfolio at a much faster pace than ever before. Often the main challenge isn’t necessarily the end user service or product, but keeping up with changing demands from business units that impact the logistical chain, back office, supporting services and processes.

Enter Shadow IT

From an IT perspective, business users sometimes feel they are not supported in a sufficiently fast service delivery cycle or improvement cycle. With the growing consumerization of IT and mature service offerings online (software services, platform services, etc) it has become very easy for business decision makers to consume external IT services without involving the IT decision makers. A similar evolution has been going on for even longer from an end user perspective. Users tend to fight lack of features, productivity and ease of use by shopping for means that enable their personal efficiency. Shadow IT has therefore evolved to a major issue, often dangerous due to lack of control over security, long term sustainability, support, scalability, etc.

Don’t fight it, evolve!

IT governance within your organization should not battle shadow IT by dismissing and prohibiting it, but by using it to improve you insights, vision and solution architecture. Why do users seek refuge to these means? Why do business units avoid your IT service organization and start shopping elsewhere? Why is this service so much better and why are we not offering this or a similar service ourselves? Answers to these questions are exactly the information you need to make your IT more service minded instead of product minded, closer to your business and “inclusive”: part of the chain instead of just another supplier.

Service improvement

Making business decision makers part of the IT decision making and operational processes, ensures that you can adapt in an agile, flexible way. Embracing new service models, including cloud services, can help solve problems that you were unable to solve before.

Exit Shadow IT…

If you struggle with similar issues, our datacenter, cloud, security and project experts can help you with

– an introduction to specific topics,

– audit and enablement tracks

– analysis, vision or architecture definitions

– tendering and procurement

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