Unicon Solutions has joined forces with the Bayard Partnership

We are very pleased to announce that we have joined forces with a like-minded company. Last Friday October 30th The Bayard Partnership cvba acquired a 100% stake in our company. After a transition period of two months, where the two companies are brought together, The Bayard Partnership will start trading as a single entity.

The Bayard Partnership is a group practice bringing together freelance professionals with an expertise in innovative and transformational projects. Like Unicon, they focus on offering their clients sustainable solutions and results that exceed expectations. Combining our resources will create great new opportunities for our clients.

We are looking forward to working together with our new colleagues at The Bayard Partnership to secure the long-term commitments of the Unicon team and to join this diverse group of highly skilled and experienced individuals.

Cloud services to battle… rogue cloud services

Everyone has seen the problem of rogue services introduced without prior vision and proper management. Where do they come from and what are the pitfalls?


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The continuing story of …

Like so many things in life, standing still is essentially deteriorating. In the world of ICT, that may be even more the case than in any other environment. What is ‘hot’ today can be outdated again tomorrow.

Companies are faced with permanent challenges in their process to provide internal optimization in which the workload is reduced, capacity is increased, logistical problems are addressed … ICT is literally a never ending story.

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